Life In 360°: Join The Red Bull Charge In Latest Formula 1 Video

    It seems I only have to vaguely mention the number of Formula 1 related 360 degree videos we’ve covered in this series for one of the teams to release yet another track pounding effort. This time those responsible are Red Bull, whose 2016 fortunes so far have been something of a mixed bag.

    Red Bull as a brand we have featured before on VRFocus with this type of content and we will invariably will again. However it is interesting to see how the videos for Formula 1 are improving as the camera technology and editing ability gets better. It is already a far cry from those we featured a year ago.

    On this particular lap you are in the company of young Dutch driver Max Verstappen, currently 6th in Formula One World Championship. You can step into the cockpit with him below.

    VRFocus will be back on Monday for more examples of 360 degree video in action.