Life In 360°: Facebook Presents The Heartbeat Of Grand Central

    You may remember a previous Life In 360 where we talked about the Oculus. Not the Oculus Rift of course, but the Oculus that is part of the subway station, now at the World Trade Center site. Today we’re heading back to New York for a similar video, this one produced by Facebook’s The Factory. The video itself is a short film entitled Here and Now taking place inside the terminal, with the action occuring in amongst the hustle and bustle of station life. People arrive, people depart, friends meet, tempers rise in some whilst others breathe a sigh of relief. In other words, life goes on.

    Available on Gear VR via the Oculus video app or here via browser in somewhat lower quality, Here and Now was filmed in order to show off the capabilities of the Facebook Surround 360 camera. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

    VRFocus will be back with another early morning trip into the world of 360 degree video on Friday.