Life In 360°: Chasing The Storm In Colorado

    Another week, another Life In 360° video, this time coming in from Facebook and one with more than a little potential to blow you away. For today’s video we’re hitching a ride on top of storm chaser Reed Timmer’s truck, as he get up close (but thankfully, not personal) with a tornado.

    The video which follows’s Timmer’s closing down and observation of a particularly red twister, becomes especially interesting just after the third minute mark. At this point you can see where the 360 degree nature of the video really comes into its own, as it allows you to have a clear view of the structure of the tornado and see the behavior of the winds at both the top and bottom of the cone.

    The film, which was caught on a road near Wade in Colorado at the weekend, was shot using a 360fly camera and Timmer’s Facebook page says it might very well get some use again today with more tornadoes possible across parts of Kansas and Oklahoma. VRFocus will be back Wednesday with a new example of 360 degree video – although one probably not nearly as windy.