Life in 360°: A-ha Takes On A VR Concert

    Often when it comes to virtual reality (VR) we spend a lot of time talking about Iceland. This is especially because a number of VR events take place there, such as Slush Play and EVE Fanfest. The latter a natural result of CCP Games, and the work they do connected with EVE Gunjack, EVE Valkyrie and their VR/AR related ‘projects’. Whilst we’re, as a matter of fact, heading back to Iceland on Monday (unless something drastically changes between now and then) for a Life in 360 there we’re heading east over the sea to Oslo, Norway and one of Iceland’s fellow Nordic countries greatest exports.

    The band A-ha have teamed up with WonderWorld VR, bringing the “first ever full length VR concert to the masses”. Viewable via an app on Android or iPhone devices, music fans can see the Norwegian group on stage for their recent performance from the end of their world tour in connection with 2015 album Cast In Steel.

    “We are delighted to present the worlds first recorded full length VR-concert from one band.” A-ha’s keyboard player Magne ‘ Mags’ Furuholmen commented. “We have tested the result and the feeling of standing on scene with ourselves was quite surreal. This technology will allow people to share an experience of live music in new and innovative ways. We are happy to take a small part in this pioneering spirit by launching an untested territory. We hope you enjoy the show.”

    You can also find the whole on YouTube here, though since we can only really put one video in for today we’ll stick with their classic hit Take On Me. VRFocus will be back Monday with more Life in 360°.