Jaunt to Broaden VR Production Opportunities By Renting Out VR Camera to Public

    Jaunt is one of the largest self-contained virtual reality (VR) companies to develop its own hardware, software, and content in-house to create a VR dedicated studio. The company has now joined together with Radiant Images to create a pilot program that will allow Jaunt to rent out its Jaunt ONE camera for public use.

    Radiant Images is a digital cinema and rental house, and so with Jaunt’s patented camera, as well as its cloud based stitching and rendering pipeline, those who rent the camera will also gain access to Jaunt’s end-to-end hardware and software to produce immersive cinematic VR.

    Michael Mansouri, VP and Co-Founder of Radiant Images, provided a statement of what this opportunity means for his studio: “The incredible Jaunt ONE camera is the perfect match for the many visionary VR creators we collaborate with who are eager to continue to push the boundaries of this new technology.

    “We’re honored and excited that Jaunt has entrusted us to help get this camera into the hands of talented filmmakers determined to take VR content to the next level and beyond. The power and versatility of the Jaunt ONE, together with Jaunt’s seamless software and distribution solutions, is unmatched. We’re thrilled to be the first rental house to have this amazing camera available to clients.”

    Creators will also have access to all assets necessary to publish to any platform that supports 360 degree video, including the Jaunt app, so the support doesn’t end when the camera is turned off.

    This rental program will start in July where the Jaunt ONE camera will be available for rent on Radiant Images’ website and rental house, opening up professional grade equipment to a wider, broader, less equipped public to produce what they couldn’t before. Prices have not been confirmed.

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