Jaunt Brings the Field of Dreams Alive on MLB Hall of Fame Tour

    Virtual reality (VR), as well as augmented reality (AR), has been targeted by both sports clubs and fans, with experiences ranging over sports such as golf, hockey, and the vision of live American football stats. Baseball is no exception to this influx in sporting VR experiences with Jaunt to tour with Major League Baseball teams to some of the top cities and teams for a multi-year journey.

    The VR content creators plan on bringing VR to the MLB fans and attendees in the form of an exhibit, transporting them to the field or to the dugout to hang out with some of the top teams that MLB has to offer, including the Chicago Cubs, Lod Angeles Dodgers, Oakland A’s, and the 2015 World Series Champion: Kansas City Royals as well as other teams.

    The way Jaunt put this long term VR experience together, bringing the game of baseball to life in front of the fans’ eyes, is by weeks of shooting footage, including several Spring Training camps, as well as Open Day games, opening up a whole new world to fans by giving them unprecendented access to some of the most iconic players and ballparks.

    These experiences, as well as being available at some of the top games during the season, will also be available on the Jaunt VR App, which is widely available for iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and even Desktop 360, so it will be hard for fans to miss out on getting close and personal with their favourite teams.

    The tour will start at the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville Iowa, and will continue throughout dozens of North American cities for a number of years.

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