Many Kickstarter campaigns that launch come accompanied by a relatively basic outline of its plan of action, but with Islands of Nyne: Battle Royal it seems to be one of the more comprehensive Kickstarter campaigns to emerge with an in-depth videogame concept to match and is already approaching half-way in its campaign.

Currently being developed by Define Human Studios, Co-Founded by Rob Logan and Jake Tolton, Islands of Nyne: Battle Royal was created with the inspiration gained from the original Battle Royal film as well as the Hunger Games series, resulting in a last-man-standing FPS where 100 players are dropped into an environment online and only one survives. Matches are said to last up to 30 minutes with the player’s customised character, and are set in three larg-scale maps which are designed to be obstacle-ridden and to reward strategic thinking.

The fleshed out title allows players to earn armor, weapon skins, game credits, and other rewards depending on how long they last the bloodbath, and there is even a chance to place some bets on how long your friends will stay alive using those in-game credits. Game modes that can be played are Solo Mode, where it is you against 99 others, Team Doubles, where a friend is dropped in with you to battle 49 other teams, and 5 Man, where you are included in a group of five against 20 other teams.

Although the campaign is extensive the studio requires $40,000 USD which will go towards developments and design, audio, art, and other fees, and it has already had over half of the goal pledged with 22 days left until the end of the time limit. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royal will be available for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive PC head-mounted displays.

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