Island 359 Gets Launch Date for HTC Vive

    Fledgling virtual reality (VR) developer CloudGate Studio – founded by Jeremy Chapman and Steve Bowler who helped create The Brookhaven Experiment and Mike Fischer – are working on upcoming dinosaur title Island 359. The team first revealed the videogame back in June and today revealed a Steam Early Access launch date.

    Island 359 will be arriving for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) in just under two weeks time, on Tuesday 23rd August for $19.99 USD.

    The videogame is all about survival as players hunt for dinosaurs on an dense jungle island. Dropped in by helicopter you play a skilled mercenary whose mission is simple, kill as many dinosaurs as possible to earn as much money as possible before escaping with your life. But whose to say the hunter doesn’t become the hunted, as the dinos are just as skilled at hunting through the dense foliage as you might be.

    For the biggest cash rewards you’ll need to kill the biggest dinosaurs, but to do that will take thought out tactics and strategies in order to preserve health and stamina for the long fight ahead. There will be weapons and ammo to find but not all of it may fit in your backpack, so choosing the right combination will be key. Loot drops can also be gained providing health and resources but only when certain kill milestones are reached.

    Several dinosaurs have already been revealed through teaser trailer and screenshots. These include Raptors, Allosaurus, Compsognathus and T-Rex. Each has its own style of attack responding to your actions in different ways.

    Taking notice of an incoming attack they may run away, hide, or counterattack to defend themselves. CloudGate Studio has integrated its own sprinting mechanic into Island 359, that aims to make you feel as if you’re are actually immersed in the jungle environment.

    As CloudGate Studio releases further details on Island 359 VRFocus will keep you updated.

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