Insta360 ONE X2 Review and Comparison (updated October 28, 2020)

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Insta360 One X2 review

Insta360 One X2 is a new 360 camera that replaces the popular Insta360 One X.  I saw this camera in August 2019 when I visited Insta360’s offices and I’ve been beta testing it for the past couple of months.  Here’s a hands-on review and how it compares with the Insta360 One R (reviewed here).


Insta360 One X2 Insta360 One X
Lenses two fisheye lenses two fisheye lenses
Field of view fully spherical fully spherical
Aperture f/2.0 f/2.0
Processor unspecified Ambarella unspecified Ambarella
Photo resolution 6080 x 3040 in JPEG or DNG raw; 9-shot HDR in Raw+JPG 6080 x 3040 in JPEG or DNG raw
Video resolution 5760 x 2880, 30fps
3840 x 1920 @ 50fps
3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
mp4 (log mode or vivid mode available)
5760 x 2880, 30fps
3840 x 1920 @ 50fps
3840 x 1920 @ 30fps
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
mp4 (log mode available)
Bitrate 100 mbps H.264 or H.265 100 mbps H.264
Bullet time video 3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
fully spherical
variable aspect ratio
3008 x 1504 @ 100fps
fully spherical
variable aspect ratio
Live streaming: Yes (TBA) – 360 and non-360 Yes, stabilized.
Compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Periscope / Twitter, Weibo
Shutter speed: 1/8000 to 120 seconds 1/8000 to 120 seconds
ISO: 100 to 3200 100 to 3200
Stabilization: 6-axis gyro-based image stabilization 6-axis gyro-based image stabilization
Microphones 4 microphones – spatial audio stereo
Connector: 1/4-20 tripod connector (metal) 1/4-20 tripod connector
LCD screen OLED touchscreen LCD screen
Storage: one Micro SD up to 1TB one Micro SD up to 128GB
Working humidity: TBD TBD
Temperature: TBD TBD
Waterproof: YES No (TWO TYPES of waterproof housing accessories available)
Connectivity: 5G WiFi; Bluetooth LE 4.0
MFI-certified lightning connector
5G WiFi; Bluetooth LE 4.0
MFI-certified lightning connector
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Dimensions: 115 x 48 x 28 mm
Weight: 115g with battery
90.9 without battery
Battery: 80 minutes 60 mins.
Price at launch: $429 $399


  1. Waterproof without a case: X2 is waterproof even without a case.
  2. Longer battery life: X2 is rated for 80 minutes with its standard battery.  This is nearly double the battery life of the One R.
  3. OLED touchscreen with autorotation: the X2 has a bright OLED touchscreen that can rotate automatically depending on how you hold the camera.
  4. Steady Cam non-360 video mode with horizon lock: in this mode, the Insta360 One X2 can capture a non-360 video with stabilization, without the need for stitching.   Steady Cam can be used in portrait or landscape orientation In addition, you can switch to Pro stabilization mode which will enable you to change aspect ratios and even better stabilization, including 360 rotation stabilization.
  5. Multiview while recording 360 video:  While recording a 360 video, you can activate multiview to get a stabilized picture-in-picture view of yourself while also framing your video.
  6. Spatial Audio: the One X2 has four microphones and can record spatial audio or use the microphones to reduce wind noise.
  7. Instapano: panoramic photo mode.  This is similar to a cropped equirectangular photo.  The direction that the panorama faces can be adjusted afterward in the app.
  8. Airpods compatibility: One X2 can use airpods (and some Bluetooth headsets) as wireless microphones.
  9. External microphone adapter: One X2 has a special low-profile microphone adapter.
  10. Pureshot.  This is an effect that can be used for 360 photos and non-360 photos to enhance shadow detail using AI.
  11. 9-shot HDR with Raw.  One X2 can take 360 and non-360 photos in HDR in both Raw and JPG, and both stitch and merge them in the app or in the desktop (note: Raw HDR photos can only be stitched in the desktop).
  12. Night shot mode.  In this photo mode, the One X2 can take a burst of nine raw photos, eight of which are used for median stacking to reduce noise, plus one underexposed shot (-4EV) to capture highlights.
  13. Starlapse mode.  This is an effect that can capture a time lapse video of the night sky and animate the stars with star trails.
  14. Flowstate stabilization: class-leading 360 stabilization performance.
  15. Quick capture: when Quick Capture is activated, you can press the shutter while the camera is off and the camera will automatically wake up and start recording.  After recording, the camera will automatically shutdown.
  16. Bluetooth remote compatibility: the One X2 can use the optional Bluetooth remote.
  17. Insta360 Stats: when shooting with your phone or the optional Bluetooth remote, you can record GPS data which can then be overlaid on playback, with data such as speed, elevation, etc.
  18. Voice command: the X2 can recognize voice commands such as Start Recording or Take a Photo.
  19. Deep track:  AI-assisted subject tracking
  20. Auto framing: AI-assisted video editing
  21. 360 live streaming: One X2 can live stream in 360 to Facebook, Youtube, or RTMP servers.
  22. Non-360 live streaming: the One X2 can also live stream in non-360 view, with you controlling the view that your audience will see.


Here is a tutorial for the Insta360 app, which is used for Insta360 One x2, Insta360 One R, and Insta360 One X:



Are you curious about how they shot the teaser trailer?  Here’s the teaser trailer and my analysis:


A lot of people bought the Insta360 One R during the Amazon Prime Day sale, and now they’re wondering if they should return the One R?  If you’re one of those people you shouldn’t worry.  Here’s why.

As I mentioned in the video, I saw the One X2 back in August 2019, before the One R was released.  This means they were both being developed simultaneously and were intended to be sold at the same time, which underscores the point that the One R and the X2 serve different markets.  The X2 is not a replacement for the One R.

This has at least two precedents.  Insta360 once sold the Insta360 One and Insta360 Nano S simultaneously.  Both had similar video quality but had different form factors targeted toward different users.  Insta360 also sold the Insta360 One X and Insta360 Evo concurrently.  Both had very similar specifications, except that the EVO could be converted into a VR180 camera, while the One X had better stitching due to less parallax error between its lenses.

The One R can do some things that the X2 cannot do (and vice-versa).  For some people, the better camera will be the X2.  However, for others, the better camera will still be the trusty Insta360 One R.

If you bought the One R because of its unique advantages, then don’t worry – none of those advantages are going away.  If the One R wasn’t a perfect fit but you bought it anyway because you felt there were no alternatives, then the X2 may be better for you.


Join the One X2 Users and Fans group here.   I will endeavor to keep the group positive and supportive.  No spam and no rudeness allowed.

If you have any questions about the new camera, please post them in the comments.

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