Insta360 One X Tips and Tricks: 22 Tips for Getting the Most From Your 360 Camera

22 Insta360 One X Tips and Tricks to make the most out of your insta360 one X, with tips for both beginners and experienced users, including both shooting techniques and post processing shortcuts.
The Insta360 One X is a powerful 360 camera but to make the most of it, you need to know these tricks.

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1. How to avoid blur.
2. How to remove the black cloud and how to remove the watermark.
3. How to set the date and time
4. How to extend your battery life.
5. Another way to extend the battery life.
6. How to protect the lens.
7. How to make your subjects to look good
8. How to avoid uneven exposure.
9. How to minimize glare.
10. How to get better dynamic range.
11. How to get a third person view.
12. A secret tip to make editing easier.
13. How to save videos in the app.
14. A shortcut for overcapture without keyframes
15. Turn a 360 video into a 360 photo
16. How to get a non-360 photo from your video
17. What to do if the app freezes
18. How to get better colors
19. How to remove the Micro SD card more easily
20. Time saving tip while downloading videos
21. How to render videos faster.
22. How to do edit videos as overcapture / freecapture videos