Insta360 One X and Extended Selfie Stick with the Dogs / Sample Footage

I just bought the Insta360 One X with an extended selfie stick and took it out for a test (basically shot and edited in a day). I wanted to see if it could mimic or fake a drone shot, and to test out all the other features (hyperlapse, bullet time, time shift, tiny planet, etc) for adventure shoots.

For those who don’t know, a 360 camera shoots in all directions. you don’t need to point it at anything. After the shoot, you load up the clips on your phone or iPad, and then decide where to point the camera. So the most important thing is to position the Insta360 camera where you want your view point to be, shoot away, and then come home to edit. The software automatically makes the selfie stick invisible.

I had a blast with this thing. It’s a load of fun.

Technical details:
I only used the Insta360 One X with the extended selfie stick and the invisible selfie stick for this shoot. I am the only person handling the camera, and all shots are done my me.

I shot everything in auto mode. No color corrections were made, only adjustments for exposure. The next time though, I’ll probably shoot in log mode, limit the ISO, and add more stabilisation in post. It doesn’t quite mimic a drone, it’s more like an invisible crane, but I can see myself using this camera for adventure shots.

Emerald Park – At the Mall