Insta360 ONE FlowState VS GoPro Fusion in 360° – No BS 360 Camera Comparison

New comparison is OUT:
Insta360 ONE just releases V3.0.1 with brand new FlowState Stabilization. Let’s do an apple to apple comparison in 360° video. Watch it with your VR headset.

Edit: When in side by side comparison in 180° the label is misplaced. My bad. Basically, the darker is Fusion and the lighter is Insta360 ONE to clear some confusion.

How to watch Stereo 360 Video: besides using Google Cardboard and hit the cardboard button on the lower right corner of your YouTube player, I highly recommend watching my content on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headset.
Here is how – download and install stream and streamVR. Go to application and download an app called YouTube VR. Open YouTube VR and search CREATORUP. Then just hit any VR360 video and enjoy.

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