How to TRACK OBJECTS in 360 videos | Insta360 Studio: Keyframing and Deep Track function | Gaba_VR

This time I show you the simplest method ever to track objects in 360 videos, using Insta360 Studio and its keyframing and Deep Track functions.

Many of us shoots in 360 just to get some freedom during editing to create „traditional”, reframed videos. And in many cases there are some highlighted objects, animals, people or some actions we want to follow. Sometimes this can be a little bit time-consuming during post-production. But we can do this fast easily, without having to use any expensive editor: Insta360 Studio is free and works with any 360 video.


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0:00 Introduction
0:12 Test footage shot with ONE X2
0:40 360 camera for travel videos
1:39 Insta360 ONE X2 video specs
3:04 Feature no1: Steady cam mode
3:37 Feature no2: Power Selfie Stick
5:15 Feature no3: Waterproof body
5:34 Feature no4: Removable battery with higher capacity
6:15 Special PRIME DAY DEALS offer
6:30 Saying goodbye

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