Holoball Releases at a Discounted Price for HTC Vive

    A popular theme for virtual reality (vr) is to bring back old nostalgic videogames into the future. Today TreeFortress released its action arcade title, Holoball, on Steam for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

    The game features responsive AI that keeps you on your toes in Blood Dragon-inspired surroundings while you use a paddle to smash your way to victory. The concept is easy enough to grasp as it’s the first to five that wins, much like other early arcade games. The videogame seems to always be updating and coming soon to the title are features such as: online multilayer, local multilayer, spectator mode, custom audio play list management, and achievements.

    The title is listed at a 40% discounted price of £4.19 GBP and from 2nd May the price will go back to its original of £6.99.

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