It’s been awhile since VRFocus last reported on Totwise Studios’ sci-fi horror title The Hum: Abductions as the developer has been fairly quiet. Now the studio has released a teasing short scene from its upcoming virtual reality (VR) title.

In this latest video for The Hum: Abductions, we see the player hiding in a wardrobe looking through the slats and gap in the door into an empty bedroom. The TV crackles with static and the ceiling fan slowly spins as the bedroom door slowly creaks open. Stepping into the door in a creepy stock motion animation comes a classic looking alien, short, skinny and grey.

Glancing around the room the alien switches off the TV, then begins to stare into the gap you’re looking through. It then begins to slowly point in your direction before distorts and fuzzes out.

Created using Unreal Engine 4 The Hum: Abductions will also support Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and OSVR. Currently no release date has been announced by Totwise Studios.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Hum: Abductions, reporting back with any new updates.     

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