Heroes of the Seven Seas Sails onto Gear VR

    It’s Thursday so its time for a new batch of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift releases. Arriving on the mobile head-mounted display (HMD) is a sea fairing title called Heroes of the Seven Seas.

    Developed by Mirage Interactive Co Ltd, Heroes of the Seven Seas is a 16th-century pirate adventure where players are in search of the legendary Seven Seas Artifacts. A story driven adventure Heroes of the Seven Seas fight the navy, other pirates, and monsters from the darkest part of the ocean as you endeavour to claim your prize.

    To help you on your travels there’s various options available to enhance your capabilities by upgrading your ship, including improving the hull, sails, and broadside guns. These will all help you take on bigger ships, monsters and anything else that stands in your way.

    But its not just about a like on the open waves, you’ll need to dock at ports to trade with merchants on different islands, and explore them for all their hidden treasures.

    Heroes of the Seven Seas is listed as an intense experience so those that don’t have their sea legs may want to avoid the experience. No additional controller is required and the title costs $4.99 USD.

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