Here They Lie Confirmed As PlayStation VR Launch Day Title

    June’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 featured an array of new and updated videogames for Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE’s) PlayStation VR. One title that generated significant interest was Here They Lie, a horror title from Tangentlemen and SIE’s Santa Monica Studio. When revealed the videogame had initially been given a ‘Fall 2016’ released date, now its been confirmed Here They Lie will be a launch title for the head-mounted display (HMD).

    Appearing on the US PlayStation.Store, Here They Lie will be available for PlayStation VR owners on 13th October, in time for some virtual reality (VR) scares before Halloween.

    Here They Lie is a creepy psychological thriller that puts players into a twisted, surreal world that doesn’t bombard you with jump scares, rather a slower more methodical build up of fear and dread. Tangentlemen does this not only through the visual art style, but also with spatial audio and lighting to increase the suspense.

    The original trailer showcased hammerhead sharks seemingly swimming through the air, shadowy creatures with antlers protruding from their head and humanoid characters with either pig heads on or actually having the head of a pig. As the description states: “Players are presented with life or death moral choices where sometimes their own lives are on the line, and sometimes it’s the lives of the world’s strange inhabitants who are in peril.”

    The store listing doesn’t detail any price for Here They Lie as yet, but titles such as Tumble VR (£7.99 GB) and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (£15.99) have already been priced up, so its likely a final price should appear soon.

    Customers who’ve pre-ordered a PlayStation VR HMD will be looking at a bumper few months towards the end of the year, with over 50 titles heading to the headset. For all the latest news on Here They Lie, keep reading VRFocus.