HelloVR Using Improbable’s SpatialOS for Social VR Experience MetaWorld

    London,UK-based technology company Improbable and US-based social virtual reality (VR) studio HelloVR, have today announced a new partnership. The new collaboration will see HelloVR using Improbable’s SpatialOS distributed operating system for its virtual world, MetaWorld.

    HelloVR’s MetaWorld will put players in nearly 10,000 square miles of virtual environment in a massive, physics-based virtual social space. The scale of the simulated world, and its networked physics, is enabled by SpatialOS, distributing the computing tasks and power required to create the world across thousands of servers.

    “We are creating something magical with Improbable,” says Dedric Reid, founder and CEO, HelloVR. “Creating a social VR experience poses new challenges like head tracking on a massive scale, and networked physics so people can realistically interact in a persistent shared space. We are happy to reveal how we will be solving all of these challenges and opening up a new category of entertainment – by collaborating with Improbable, and building on SpatialOS.”

    MetaWorld will allow players to share a persistent world where they can interact, build, and play across multiple platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

    “HelloVR has designed MetaWorld from the ground up to take full advantage of room-scale VR and 360 degree freedom of movement,” said Herman Narula, Founder and CEO, Improbable.

    “That means that, standing inside this massive VR world and looking out at the horizon, there’s something distinctly otherworldly about knowing that “out there” really does exist. Building on SpatialOS means that there are no loading tricks or fake backdrops: if you can see it, you can travel to it – step by step if you want to. And if you make a change to any part of the world, that change persists and can be experienced by everyone else who visits. Your actions have lasting consequences; they matter. That’s a key part of making a virtual world feel real.”

    Currently in a closed alpha, HelloVR plans to launch an early version called MetaWorld Pioneer Edition. This initial version will feature outdoor physics simulations including: camping, fishing, farming, archery, hot air balloon flights, road trips, meditation retreats and more.

    To sign up for early access head to metaworldvr.com. As further details are released VRFocus will bring you the latest.