Gyoza Games Adds Explosive New Content to Inbound

    Austin, Texas-based studio Gyoza Games has added new content to the recently launched Inbound, available now for HTC Vive. The Missile Command inspired shoot-‘em-up offers virtual reality (VR) players a retro-stylised high-score chase as they defend their base from enemy attacks.

    The second official update for Inbound, known as v1.2, brings with it two new adjustments: the first altering the way in which grenades perform and the second offering a brand new weapon.

    John Nagle, CTO of Gyoza Games, offered VRFocus the following statement: “We love the enthusiasm our players have for Inbound, and we’re getting some excellent feedback. The new release has 2 primary enhancements; one, grenades detonate in the vicinity of ground assault units… ending the frustration of a good shot bouncing away before exploding… and two, deployable land mines. A new weapon power-up allows you to deploy up to 3 land mines, allowing you some additional defense against sneaky ground assault units. We hope to keep providing regular updates and responding to player feedback quickly, and to continue making Inbound one of the best arcade games for VR.

    Gyoza Games has already pledged continued support for Inbound based on player feedback. This new update is available to download now via Steam. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Inbound and future VR titles from Gyoza Games.

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