Gumi no Yume is a Gear VR Puzzler That Casts Players as a Red Panda

    Lucid Sight has already launched one title onto the Gear VR mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). Earlier this year, the Los Angeles, California-based team released a third-person flight-based experience known as PolyRunner VR onto the device. That’s not all the team has been working on for the platform, however. Today, Lucid Sight is revealing its new puzzle-based title for the platform, Gumi no Yume, a new take of the Sokoban type of transport puzzle. The first trailer for the project can currently be seen below and the title should be releasing on the platform very soon.

    Gumi no Yume is a colourful project in which players are cast as a red panda by the name of Kon-kon. Given a limited amount of moves, the player must navigate Kon-Kon around the board, bumping into different coloured gummies and knocking them into designated squares as well as collecting rewards in the form of candy and chocolate coins. The complexity of these puzzles will increase as the title progresses, with marshmallow walls blocking paths and uneven ground causing issues too. The trailer shows this gameplay in action for the first time.

    Gumi no Yume brings a classic game to a modern, VR platform. We’re honoring the roots of gaming at the same time that we’re exploring the exciting new frontier that is virtual reality technology,” Fazri Zubair, Lucid Sight’s VP of Technology, said of the announcement.

    Stay tuned to VRFocus for more on Gumi no Yume.

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