Gravity and Puzzles Combine in SLAM for HTC Vive

    Puzzle titles come in all shapes and sizes on the HTC Vive. From the building mechanics of Fantastic Contraption to the co-op teamwork of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the genre is filled with interesting ideas. The latest to arrive on the head-mounted display (HMD) is SLAM, a gravity puzzler who’s challenge is simple enough, get the crate to the goal.

    Created by Aera Studios, SLAM’s premise revolves around moving this crate around the level using items found in the area to steer it in the right direction. To begin with that’s fairly easy as walls and stationary objects are configured to allow completion in a few moves. As the difficulty ramps up barrels, sliders, switches, magnets, teleporters and other obstacles are put in to make the levels fiendishly hard.

    To add to this each level has a par number of moves that players should complete the area in. Hit the par number and it’s a perfect round, solve the puzzle over that number and the level is still completed but not as well as it could’ve been.

    SLAM wasn’t specifically built for virtual reality (VR), support has been added on as an optional extra, but playing on the HTC Vive does include some extra features. Players will be able to walk around the puzzles and make themselves bigger or smaller to help understand and figure out each one.

    There’s currently over 50 levels in SLAM and the title can be downloaded through Steam for a limited time special promotion. Until 18th July 2016 Aera Studios will be offering a 20 percent discount off the regular price of £2.79 GBP, dropping the cost down to £2.23.

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