General Public can now Pre-order OSVR Hacker Development Kits

    Razer the technology company which heads up the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem has launched pre-orders to the general public for its OSVR Hacker Development Kit head-mounted display (HMD).

    The OSVR HMD is a lightweight device that is built to be customised by the end user. A USB port offers immediate access to additional plug-and-play accessories, such as a Leap Motion input device, however the entire HMD has been designed to be taken apart and rebuilt as the user desires; replacing optics, screen and more as part of a personalised upgrade to the base device.

    This is the first time the OSVR virtual reality (VR) HMD has been made available to general consumers and industry developers alike. This version is still a development kit and not the full consumer version which is still to be announced.

    Razer has said its experienced “overwhelming demand by over 10,000 pre-registrants” after granting early access 24 hours prior to public availability, reports Maximum PC. “Pre-order for the next batch of units is now available as production is stepped up to make more units available to meet demand,” says Razer.

    The OSVR HMD features a 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p OLED display, a faceplate module providing 360-degree positional tracking in combination with an IR Camera operating at 100hz and a dual lens optics system for ultra sharp images, including individual eye focus for personalized use. Priced at £264.99 GBP/$300 USD the HMD can be ordered direct from Razers website.

    VRFocus will continue to report on the latest updates from Razer regarding the OSVR HMD as details are announced.


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