Gaze into the Night Sky with Stars for HTC Vive

    Space, astronomy, the solar system have all been popular choices for virtual reality (VR) experiences as it allows viewers to immerse themselves in something everyone can look at every night, but is ultimately unreachable for the most of us. Studios have taken different approaches to space, some going for entertainment value, others a more educational approach. Developer MatrixStudio has gone for the latter in its release for HTC Vive, simply called Stars.

    The VR experience looks at the night sky and the stars that fill it. Donning the head-mounted display (HMD), users will be able to see all 88 constellations, seeing imagery and hearing stories about how each one came to being. Designed as a relaxing videogame, Stars includes 6000 stars based on real data, the planets and moons of the solar system for any keen astronomer.

    Currently in Steam Early Access the studio plans to add further features, complete all the constellation stories and include achievements for the full version. Development time is planned for around six months with the price of £4.79 GBP likely to stay the same for the full release.

    For more videogame style options for the HTC Vive, players can look at the soon to be released ADR1FT by Three One Zero or Apollo 11 VR by Immersive VR Education Ltd. Each takes a different look at the cosmos, with ADR1FT a far more story driven title and Apollo 11 VR focused on the events which took place between July 16th and July 24th 1969.

    VRFocus will continue its Steam coverage reporting back with any further content additions.

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