First virtual reality theater will open in Amsterdam

    In two years no one wants to watch a movie on a small cinematic screen. Samhoud media already responds to changes in entertainment industry and will open the first virtual reality cinema on Saturday, October 31st in Amsterdam!

    The initiator Jip Samhoud cannot say anything about the content of the session: ” We can’t reveal anything about the content of the movie, but we promise that the performance will be mindblowing!” What is clear, is that it is show will be completely in the style of Halloween. So be prepared to be scared!

    You can order tickets between 19:00 and 24:00. For 10 euros you get a regular seat and for 30 euros you can reserve a loveseat for two. The location is Passeerdersgracht 19a in Amsterdam. Be quick, because the ticket sales go fast. The first session is already completely sold out.

    More information can be found on Samhoud media’s Facebook page or on the event page. You can order the tickets on Ticketmaster Scripts.