Elite Dangerous: Arena is Free But Only For This Weekend

    Elite Dangerous: Arena has been available to players since December last year, but now there is an offer – just for this weekend – for players to try it out for free if they haven’t already purchased the standalone title, and they can even keep it permanently.

    This close quarter combat (CQC) PVP expansion is currently available to Elite Dangerous players for free, which will save players £4.99 (GBP) which is the regular price for the add-on. This title has a different spin on the original Elite Dangerous title, where the player can choose their ship, customise their loadout, and prepare for an Arena-based dogfight.

    There are several features that give Elite Dangerous: Arena a different flavour, including four combat-honed space ships that range from the fast and aggressive Federal and Imperial Fighters to damage-dealing Eagle or heavyweight Sidewinder; multiple tactical options with custom loadouts to be unlocked; four arenas that are Elevate, Cluster Compound, Asteria Point, and Ice Field; and realistic starship handling simulation technology.

    Players can also engage in a differnt type of combat with eight player free for all, team deathmatch, and capture the flag gameplay modes. The idea behind this freebie is to expand the Arena: “This 100 percent discount will bring a host of Commanders to the CQC Arena. Recruit some new wingmates and launch into CQC combat now!”

    Right now Elite Dangerous: Arena is free on PC until 11th July 6pm BST, this Monday, and it is ready to download and play at any time with it already available via the main START menu, and it is also available in the Frontier Developments Store as well as on the Steam store.

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