Dragon Front Will Support the Oculus Remote

    Just ahead of Oculus VR’s 2015 pre-E3 show, an image leak from the company’s site revealed some early renders of the consumer Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) and some of its extras. Among them was a small, remote-like controller that had people speculating as to if it could be a possible input solution for the kit. The device never surfaced during the show itself, but was officially unveiled as the Oculus Remote when pre-orders for the Oculus Rift went live earlier this year. It wasn’t thought the kit would be used for VR videogames but, as it turns out, a newly-announced Oculus Rift exclusive will support it.

    Dragon Front, High Voltage Software’s VR collectable card game (CCG), will support the kit, as revealed by Oculus Studios in a recent interview with Maximum PC. This comes as something of a surprise as, when the Oculus Remote was introduced, it was suggested that it was mainly used for aspects such as menu navigation for those that aren’t familiar with the Xbox One gamepad that will also be coming inside the Oculus Rift’s bundle. Still, this speaks to how accessible Dragon Front‘s control scheme is likely to be, with the Oculus Remote holding very few buttons.

    Dragon Front was revealed in late February 2016, and is High Voltage Software’s second Oculus Rift title, the first being the upcoming first-person shooter (FPS), Damaged Core. Despite being revealed after that title, it appears that Dragon Front will be the developer’s first release, as it’s expected to launch in Q2 2016, while Damaged Core doesn’t yet have a launched date. Recent rumours have also suggested that it might be coming to Oculus VR’s other major HMD, the Gear VR, which is made in partnership with Samsung.

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