DO NOT BUY INSTA 360 ONE X before see it


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The ONE X design doesn’t call attention to itself. If not for the bulging camera lenses on both sides of the device below the lens, there is an LCD screen where you can see the features and to navigate the menus and select the options and the display is clear and shows what mode you’re shooting in, there are two buttons, one large and one small. You have access to the full capabilities of the camera from this menu system and can change anything from video resolution to gyro calibration even without connecting to your phone. The body of the camera is neither the most premium looking or feeling It seems to be mostly made of a type of rubber plastic which is easy to grip. Down the camera house for your CD card and standard adaptor for selfie stick or tripod, and the shape of the camera build allowing it to sit on a flat surface without downfall. On the right side of the device, you can find the house for your battery. Where you can easily insert or take out the battery for charge. Left side connector micro USB and finally on the top build in MIC.

18-megapixel sensors, one on each side, with an F2.0 aperture 200-degree wide-angle lens. Insta360 oneX can capture 360-degree 5.7K video, capped at 30 fps. There’s also 4K support at 50 and 30 fps as well as 3K shooting at a fast 100 fps. HDR modes for both photo and video.
A couple of weeks ago I tested the Protruly D7 smartphone with a 360degree camera and I was being disappointed with the way it stitched images that were taken I saw very visible lines at the seams. Luckily even with the different light conditions the Insta oneX shooting
360degree video with perfect stitching the back and front camera.

Using Insta360’s invisible selfie stick, you can create videos and shoot photos that look like they were taken by a drone.

You can shoot a variety of time-lapse interval videos at 5.7K, which look amazing.
TimeShift lets you adjust the speed of any part of a clip any which way you like. You can speed walking scenes like a time-lapse then prolong dramatic parts with slow-motion.

Shoot with INSTA360 one X camera itself and control the shooting process, settings, edit the videos, share with social networks with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

With INSTA360 One X you can live stream in 360 degrees with real-time stabilization videos in your social networks. Where the live streamer can change the view in real-time during the live stream. This is something amazing feature for people who do a live stream. And The live stream resolution is up to 2560 x 1280 with auto-manual settings.

Shoot with the RAW video format, yes you have the option of shooting the videos or photos with LOG mode and then you can improve the overall look of your files.

Transfer photos and videos quickly to your phone with 5G Wi-Fi. You can transfer them even faster with the included USB cables. But with Wifi feature will drain the battery faster