Dig Your Way to Victory in XCavalypse

    Zombies are everywhere – luckily not literally – on TV, movies, videogames, any form of entertainment has them, and virtual reality (VR) is just the same. The HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) has titles like Hordz and Zombie Training Simulator to name just a couple, and the task of creating a videogame that’s original featuring zombies is getting harder. Enter XCavalypse which has just launched for the headset on Steam, combining the undead apocalypse with heavy digging equipment.

    Created by indie developer Davevillz, XCavalypse tasks players with taking back their city from the ravenous hordes. But not with conventional pistols, shotguns, axes, swords or anything in that similar vein, no you’ll have excavators to do the work of cleansing the city.

    Currently in Steam Early Access, XCavalypse at present features an excavator with which to kill zombies and three score-based game modes to tryout: Cleanup, Survival and Headpop. Cleanup requires players to scoop up the undead and load them into a container, Survival just requires players to kill as many zombies as possible and Headpop is all about popping heads.

    Because the title is still in early development there’s a 40 percent discount available until 13th June, 2016. This drops the price from £1.59 GBP to £0.95, but the developer has stated: “However discount will stay in place until the tutorials get completed (1-2 weeks).”

    Early Access is expected to last between six to twelve months. As and when updates are released VRFocus will bring you the latest.

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