Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey Was Inspired by NASA and the Mission to Mars

    Crytek may have revealed a brand new Oculus Rift exclusive earlier this month in The Climb, but that’s far from all that the developer is working on in virtual reality (VR). The team is also bringing a first-person title, Robinson: The Journey, to the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) on PlayStation 4, with other platforms to follow in the future. But what served as the inspiration for this visually striking new title? According to Crytek itself it was down to a video from NASA about travelling to Mars.

    Executive Producer Elijah Freeman revealed as much in a recent interview with Game Informer for its most recent issue. “We watched a NASA video about going to Mars, and this really inspired us to create an experience that tapped into the spirit of exploration,” Freeman said. “Robinson was born out of the basic human motivation to explore the unknown… just in VR. The dinosaurs and their role in the experience grew to represent wild nature, a pure embodiment of danger to an explorer. From those basic ideas the concept phase gelled and became what people have seen so far.”

    Robinson: The Journey casts players as a young boy that crash lands on an alien planet that’s infested with dinosaurs. Going by Crytek’s words, it appears the title will be largely exploration-based, though the company is yet to reveal any sort of gameplay demo that could reveal more on the central mechanics. The title seems to build on the team’s past VR tech demos in Back to Dinosaur Island and its sequel. It was first announced quietly at E3 2015 back in June before making a full reveal for PlayStation VR at the Paris Games Week (PGW) press conference back in October.

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