Crytek Talks The Climb, Oculus Exclusivity and More

    Oculus Rift fans were disappointed to learn that Crytek’s upcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame, Robinson: The Journey, would be coming first to the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) earlier this year. The company went some way to making up for this a few days ago, however, when it announced The Climb, a new VR project that’s fully exclusive to Oculus VR’s PC-based device. Built using the company’s CryEngine middleware, this is a first-person rock climbing experience, the first seeds of which can be seen in the studio’s Back to Dinosaur Island 2 tech demo.

    Following its announcement, VRFocus sat down with Crytek Executive Producer, Elijah Freeman to talk about the upcoming project. In the interview before Freeman looks at the decision to take VR in this intriguing new direction, and how the company plans to deliver an accurate experience that captures the thrill of the real sport. He also confirms that the videogame will be completely exclusive to the Oculus Rift and that it will feature some kind of a progression system for players to take advantage of.

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