Crovax Studios Release Early Footage of Kids VR Playground

    Indie videogame developer Crovax Studios was only founded this year to specialise in creating virtual reality (VR) content. The team has now released details for its first major project Kids VR Playground, a light-hearted fun filled title that’s been designed for both adults and children alike.

    As the name suggests Kids VR Playground is set in a kids bedroom where toys are abundant and everything is interactive. Objects in the room can be picked up, thrown away or copied, with toy cars, building blocks, balloons, balls and loads more. This area acts as a sort of hub from where players can visit a colourful lollypop land or take a ride on a bus through a cartoon city.

    The lollypop land is a gallery style shooter where players board a train and as it travels through the level lots of sweets pop up to shoot, with different ones hidden around the area. There’s a percentage indicator to show you how well you did, then it can be handed over to someone else to challenge their skills.

    The bus ride on the other hand is designed for a younger audience as the journey features the music of ‘The wheels on the bus…’ Sat in the drivers seat this isn’t as interactive as other parts of Kids VR Playground but there are several buttons to press that control functions on the bus.

    Developed in collaboration with GamePlayStudioVR, Kids VR Playground still has more features to be added, with a release day for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) slated for September 2016.

    As Crovax Studios and GamePlayStudioVR release further details on Kids VR Playground, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.