Coatsink: VR is ‘the first time anything has felt new’ since PS1

    The arrival of virtual reality (VR) technology has huge implications for the long-established videogame industry. While traditional titles certainly aren’t set to go away, this new medium is an entirely different means of delivering experiences to players. In fact, Coatsink Software, a UK-based indie developer that’s created two VR experiences already in Esper and Esper 2, with a VR adaption of Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts on the way, think that VR signifies ‘the first time’ that videogames have felt ‘new and fresh and exciting’ since the original PlayStation was first introduced.

    That’s what CEO Tom Beardsmore said to VRFocus in an interview about its work with the tech. When asked why Coatsink Software had become so heavily invested in VR, the developer replied: “Because it’s awesome. Because it’s the forefront of the games industry, or we feel that it’s going to become that at the very least over the next five or ten years, and we want to be in there. We love the experimental nature of it, we like the feeling that we get from it which is the first time anything has felt really new and fresh and exciting since the early days of PlayStation.”

    Of course PlayStation itself will soon have its own VR head-mounted display (HMD) in PlayStation VR, though Beardsmore wouldn’t comment on if the company was working with the HMD at this point in time.

    For the latest on Coatsink Software’s work in VR, check back with VRFocus.


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