Cherry Pop Games Aims to Make Pool Nation VR a PlayStation VR Launch Title

    Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is letting out all of its announcements today for the PlayStation VR. It has now been shared with VRFocus that Pool Nation VR has gone gold for PlayStation VR, and it has been submitted to SIE as a launch title.

    The mini games that feature in Pool Nation VR‘s HTC Vive version have been building up over time, including skreeball, air hockey, darts, and – of course – pool. All of these mini games is said to be transfered onto the PlayStation VR version, so there won’t be any missed out on features. It hasn’t been detailed, but it can be assumed that as well as these games, the jukebox and interactive setting will also be just the same, including the customisation of the area, so that means you don’t need to miss out on any bottle smashing or socialising.

    As well as these features, it was said that the title will have up to eight players for online multiplayer, and it will even use the PlayStation Move controllers for full immersibility.

    As Pool Nation VR will be a PlayStation VR launch title, it will be available the same time as the head-mounted display (HMD) itself, on 13th October this year –  if the title is accepted as a PlayStation VR launch title, that is. Stay with VRFocus for further developments on this story.

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