Cancer Research UK to Have VR Life Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Next Week

    In partnership with Atomic London, Cancer Research UK has created its own poignant contribution to virtual reality (VR), the Life Garden, which will make its debut at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show next week as a thank you to those who have left a donation in their will to the charity.

    Using an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), users will find themselves in an endless field of flowers bearing the 100,000 names of those who had supported the charity by leaving legacy gifts. Produced by Rushes and developed on Unity, the experience allows flexibility to move and control what is happening, including 3D audio space.

    cancer research atomic london life garden

    Guy Bradbury, Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director at Atomic London, gave a statement regarding the quality of the VR experience, emphasising it’s more than just a marketing ploy: “Virtual reality is too often used as a gimmick – to make people feel like they’re on a roller-coaster or walking through a fantasy world. With the Life Garden we’ve created something that emotionally engages and moves people by starting with the idea and using the technology as the most suitable channel, rather than starting with the technology and trying to work backwards.”

    Caroline Kent, Director of Legacies at Cancer Research UK, shared her excitement of the experience and its potential impact: “We believe using this exciting technology alongside our bright and beautiful physical garden is a wonderful way to thank and celebrate every generous supporter who has left a gift in their Will to Cancer Research UK.

    “Atomic London has delivered an incredibly moving experience that we hope will demonstrate our huge appreciation to all those who have supported us in the past with a legacy gift.”

    The experience will be available from 5th til 10th at the Flower show.

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