The new Yangwang U8 is truly an all-terrain vehicle. The latest SUV from BYD’s luxury sub-brand isn’t just meant to be driven off-road. It can even be driven off-land. That’s right, the marque’s extended-range EV is so waterproof that it can temporarily be used as a boat.
If you’re ever caught in a flood, the SUV will elevate its suspension, turn off its engine (more on that in a bit), switch its HVAC system to re-circulation mode and seal its windows so that it can remain afloat up to 30 minutes, according to CarScoops. The vehicle can do more than just float, though. It can also drive forward at speeds of up to 1.8 mph. You’ll be able to maneuver around objects if necessary, too. A video posted to YouTube by CarNewsChina shows the car performing a tank turn in water up to its windows.
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