Burst Shooting with Live Preview , Review on THETA Z1 AE Bracket Shooting Mode , Nov.2022

My In-Depth Review on THETA Z1 AE Bracket Shooting with 2.10.3 firmware. AE fully utilize Burst API and it does great. More importantly , the RICOH THETA App alaos improves a lot on UI and experience.

Here are my thoughts
a. The THETA APP experience is now better.
b. AE Bracketing Shooting is FAST and fluent
c. If EV setting is set to 0.0 , AE Bracket is BURST Capture instead
d. You can set the Base Exposure with EV settings range from -5.0 – +5.0
e. EV step could be as high as 3.0 step
f. ISO could be variable if possible
g. CAN’T change the Aperture
h. Live Preview is cool
i. No In Camera HDR Stack

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00:00 Brief on this video
02:38 Android APP update and changes
04:20 AE Bracket on THETA App
09:26 Shooting with AE Bracket
10:50 AE Bracket vs DFR
11:27 iOS App with QR Code Wifi Connetction
12:40 Minor Difference on iOS UI
13:42 AE Brakcet Post Process Workflow
15:34 HDR Merge in Camera RAW 15.0
18:34 Stitch in THETA Stitcher 3.00
21:35 GearTree System
22:09 Wrap up

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