Best Virtual Tour Workflow for Insta360 Cameras

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Following the right workflow can produce results TWICE the quality as your ‘before’ photos… so in this video I’ll share the BEST virtual tour workflow for ALL Insta360 cameras in late 2022 to early 2023.

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👇 Gear & software i mentioned:

One RS 1-Inch:
Insta360 X3:
Bushman Monopod Pro:
Insta360 Studio:
Adobe Lightroom:
Affinity Photo:
Topaz Denoise:
Topaz Gigapixel:
Kuula (Virtual tour software):



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🔭 Best 360 camera monopod:
🔭 Tiny tripod:
📁 Micro SD card i use in my 360 cameras:
🥽 Best VR headset:
🎥 Camera i film my YouTube vids with:
🖥 Hard drive i edit with:

🖥 Video editing:
🌅 Photo editing:
🔎 Increasing photo quality:
🧽 Denoising photos:
🔄 Virtual tours (beginner):
🔄 Virtual tours (advanced):

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Setting up your location
1:06 Gear
1:42 Shooting modes
2:32 Pureshot HDR
3:44 Best modes for all Insta360 cameras
3:59 White balance
4:19 Self timer
4:28 Camera position
5:12 High contrast lighting
6:12 Stitching
6:31 HDR Merging
6:47 Exporting from Insta360 Studio
7:01 Get my FREE samples
7:20 Should you colour correct?
8:03 Colour correcting in Lightroom
9:35 Removing the tripod
10:12 Further image enhancement
10:41 Before/After
11:13 Virtual Tour Software
11:32 Matterport compatibility
11:51 Street View Upload



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