Boat Simulation VR Regatta Sails Onto HTC Vive Today

    One of the latest Early Access titles to go on the market today for virtual reality (VR) is VR Regatta, a videogame that isn’t all easy sailing as the player embarks on a journey of learning how to sail boats as well as race them in what seems to be perfect conditions.

    In this Early Access title there isn’t as many features as what it promised in the full version, as all the player can do right now is learn the basics of sailing through tutorials, and head out for either a relaxing trip with their new found skills in their own dinghy, or take it up a notch by competing in races in three modes: Tutorials, Sailing Academy, and Relaxing. The gameplay seems straight forward enough, and there is a little bit of technical information that makes the experience feel much more like a simulation than an entertaining videogame.

    There seems to be an openness from the developers to take on constructive criticism, and they have outlined the additional features suggested by the community that will be added once the title moves past its Early Access stage into becoming a full videogame. Some things that they are considering are: Multiplayer gameplay, increased interactivity with the boat whilst sailing, better AI, more rules surrounding racing the boats, and a change of weather to challenge the player rather than let them sail in perfect conditions.

    VR Regatta is available for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), and uses a standing and room-scale gameplay. The title is planned to stay in Early Access until December of this year, and is currently free to play with no other plans as of yet to put a price to the sailing simulation.

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