Best virtual tour software: how to create Free Virtual Tours in 3D with any 360 camera using Cupix

You can create 3D Virtual Tours like Matterport but with almost any 360 camera, automatically and for free with If you don’t have a 360 camera yet you can get one for under $150

For a sample 3D tour and other info see here:

3D Virtual Tours let you ‘move around’ a room. Usually, they require a depth sensing camera to create a volumetric 3D model of the room. The most well known such camera is probably Matterport, which costs €3500 and requires a monthly fee of €44 or more. Cupix creates 3D virtual tours as well, but instead of using a depth-sensing camera, it uses normal 360 cameras and computer vision to analyze your 360 photos to generate a 3D map. It really works, for both indoors and outdoors. It’s super easy and FAST to use and the beta is free! It takes only 10 minutes to shoot 1,000 sq ft.