Battlerite Challenge’s Valve’s Dota 2 VR Mode

    Swedish developer Stunlock Studios is currently busy creating its PvP brawler and the spiritual successor to cult title Bloodline Champions, Battlerite. Alongside the videogame development the studio has now revealed work on a virtual reality (VR) observer mode, similar to Valve’s VR Theater for Dota2.

    Stunlock Studios has been experimenting with VR-technology by developing its own in-house software to capture the gameplay action.

    In the video below the studio demonstrates the new mode, allowing spectators to become a part of the roaring crowd, exploring ways to create unique interactions between players. There will be flowers to throw into the arena, cheer the best plays and more. Showcased using the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), viewers can move the arena round with one hand or use both controllers to spin the viewpoint, while zooming is handled by moving the controllers apart.

    “This is a cutting edge filming technique when it comes to recording gameplay footage and we are now working on integrating a VR option into our observer mode. We have this thing we call “Pinch-To-Zoom-3D” that works just like on your smartphone – but in VR. With this function you can zoom in and out without breaking the immersion and flow. We are aiming on throwing you into a virtual coliseum at the final release of the game,“ said Tobias Johansson – Head of VR, Stunlock Studios.

    Battlerite will launch on Steam Early Access on 20th September 2016, and as further details on the VR observer mode are released, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.