Always Higher VR Seeking Steam Greenlight Support

    Science fiction shooter is a genre of videogame that’s proved to be particularly popular on virtual reality (VR). It’s not difficult to understand why these titles an appeal; VR controllers bring an entirely new dimension of mechanics to traditional first person shooters, able to offer more intuitive eye-directed aiming, and the immersive nature of the platform means that we can finally step inside the futuristic sci-fi settings, such as abandoned space stations, that have so long held an aesthetic fascination for us. If these sci-fi adventures are your kind of thing, there’s a brand new one seeking support on the Steam Greenlight community right now called Always Higher VR.

    Always Higher VR‘s Steam Greenlight page doesn’t actually offer too much detail on what we can expect to see in the title in terms of mechanics. What we do know is that it will be a small sci-fi shooter for room scale VR with some more arcade elements thrown into the mix. In the videogame, players take up the role of an agent that has infiltrated a secret laboratory in a futuristic semi-destroyed world with instructions to steal a data device. The main goal of the title is to escape from the underground facility by continually moving upwards, avoid enemy soldiers and get the data device into the hands of your expectant boss. Though the title is small at the moment, the developer does have plans to add a new world, story, puzzles, and a mini game at a later date.

    There are some gameplay trailers available on the page which give a glimpse into how the game will look. From what can be gleaned from these trailers, the title appears to have atmospheric environments where players will take on robotic enemies and find there way up through the facility to escape.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Always Higher VR‘s Greenlight campaign and report developments as they happen.