A Violent Afternoon Creator Details Unique Filming Process, Image Showcased

    Last week VRFocus reported on the launch of the latest 360 degree video piece from YouTube creator Sam Macaroni. A Violent Afternoon, as the film is called, is a short, action-packed experience in which viewers follow a hero through an intense shootout as he rescues a senator’s daughter. While much of the scene takes place in one area, towards the end viewers are taken on a ride on the side of car. Shooting this scene was a complex process, Macaroni has explained to VRFocus, and you can find out how it was done with an image and explanation below.

    “Filming A Violent Afternoon was a challenge,” Macaroni told VRFocus. “My team built a six-foot camera mount that hung off the side of the Dodge Charger. My goal was to fool the viewer into thinking they were stationary until the end, when they suddenly begin traveling with a car during a car chase. Removing the rig was difficult because the 360 camera sees everything, even its own shadow. So the mount had to be painted out, and in the case of the moving street below the camera, recreated. I enjoy making 3rd person VR experiences as opposed to 1st person like everyone else is doing. The guys at Jaunt have been great to work with because I keep coming to them with crazy ideas for new shots I want to try and they get just as excited as me.”

    As Macaroni noted, A Violent Afternoon is available on Jaunt’s own app, which houses a wide range of cinematic content shot by both the company and its partners. His other video, Wookie on Vacation, is also available for free through the app.

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