90s Interactive Drama Remake Kickstarter Campaign Launched

    There is no denying that through the decades virtual reality (VR) was something to strive towards, but there was a limited market for it to exist amongst a mass audience. One team, Other Body Enterprises (OBE), has waited 20 years for their chance to swing back round and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to reboot the interactive drama, Midnight Stranger, with a chance for contributors to act in a new piece.

    The first-person POV drama, originally created in the mid-90s, is a ‘conversation simulator’ using a then innovative mood bar. OBE are now launching a Kickstarter to fund the re-developed version, hoping to reach $13,000 USD by 9th March.

    Jeff Green, creator of the original CD ROM version of Midnight Stranger, said in a press release: “This form of POV drama is very immersive, very intimate, so it will be exciting to explore that approach with material gathered from almost random sources,”

    Green went on to say: “Executives told us we were twenty years ahead of our time. Sure enough, the combination of broadly available multimedia devices and a diverse, media-savvy public make this the perfect time to reintroduce this singular artform.”

    For those who pledge $250 USD there is a chance to feature in OBE’s next project by co-creating a character for it. You can visit the Kickstarter campaign here.

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