4K 360 Camera Comparison 2018: Rylo vs Insta360 One vs Vuze vs Theta V

Want to know which is the best 4K 360 camera of 2018? I’ve selected 4 of the best 360 cameras that can shoot in 4k resolution and pitted them against each other.

This comparison includes the Rylo, Insta360 One, Vuze and Ricoh Theta V. There are other 360 cameras that can shoot in 4K (or higher), but these are considered to be the biggest players in the 360 camera category right now.

Which camera do you prefer based on this comparison? I personally prefer the Rylo in terms of image quality and appearance. You can get the Rylo here: http://amzn.to/2DRDYJu

While this comparison tests the video quality of each camera, you should also consider other features such as stabilization, photo quality, battery life and workflow before making a decision.

You can find info on all these cameras on my website: http://www.threesixtycameras.com