3D Sound Labs Hosts First Mobile Audio Dev Challenge With Entries Open Now

    It is very much common place for events such as gamejams and hack days to take place, and many take place every year, but 3D Sound Labs is hosting the first ever mobile sound development competition with prize money to be had.

    The contest or challenge itself requires attendees to make their own innovative app that is centred around sound, either on Android or iOS. Those who enter this competition will receive an SDK for iOS and Android, including Bluetooth drivers, 3D Audio libraries, a Unity Plugin, and a 3D Sound One Module, so there is no worries with regard to whether or not participants are equipped well enough in order to develop their app.

    There is no bar on what types of music apps are welcome: music players for 3D sounds, 360 degree videos with integrated 3D audio, or even video players for Android. All that is required, it seems, is creativity and immersive sound – so VR applications would be more than acceptable.

    The total sum of money that all the prizes come to is 10,000 (EUR), so that doesn’t mean that the grand prize only equates to this.

    Sound Labs is a France based startup pioneer company who deal only in 3D sound experiences, which of course lends massively to the VR market. They create both software and hardware for 3D audio, including headphones and motion tracking modules for mediums such as movies and videogames.

    Contestants are currently able to send their projects until the 30th September, giving them two and a half more months to develop and try to contend for the prize money, or even just the title of being the winners of the first audio dev event.

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