360 Video Trailer Released For First VR Film On the Chinese Military

    Although this isn’t as much talked about in the West, today is China’s People’s Liberation Army Day (PLA), and to get in the spirit there will be a 360 degree film released on the military. This is a celebration of the 89 years since the establishment of China’s People’s Liberation Army where the working class people and military stood up together in a revolution.

    As told by China Xinhua News in a Twitter post, there will be the release of the first VR film on the Chinese military, outlining and looking into “painstaking efforts by its frontier officers and soldiers”.

    Although not much of what is written in the trailer, which can be viewed below, can be understood by non-Chinese speakers, it is explained in the description that the film will be looking at how China’s military work to defend the nation “on land, in the air and in the seas”.

    As it has been outlined as the first, it could be expected that there will be more instalments to come of insights into how the Chinese army goes about its missions and work. From what is shown throughout the trailer, it can be expected that viewers can travel along with soldiers in tanks and on foot. “The invincible elite. The sharpest blade. Fierce tigers on land. Formidable dragons on water.Warriors from the heavens. Born to safeguard the South China Sea.”

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