30 CREATIVE Insta360 Camera Shot Ideas In 360 Seconds | Insta360 X3, ONE X2, ONE RS 1-INCH 360

Whether you’re a filmmaker, videographer, or just love capturing moments, you won’t want to miss this video. I will be taking you on a journey through 360 degrees of creativity in 360 seconds, exploring new techniques, tips, and tricks that you can use to elevate your 360 shots to the next level. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the power of 360-degree filmmaking with Insta360 cameras.
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00:00 Low Budget FPV
00:16 The Explorer
00:27 Reveal Down
00:36 Bullet Time
00:47 Swing
01:01 Timeshift
01:12 Bumper
01:23 Timelapse
01:34 Sweep
01:45 Bird’s Eye View
01:57 Reveal Up
02:12 Dolly Zoom
02:20 Fly Up
02:32 Hyperlapse
02:42 Bicycle Front View
02:51 Bicycle Back View
03:00 Drone Orbit
03:12 Funfair
03:22 Hamster Wheel
03:33 Floating Ping Pong
03:44 Flying Backwards
03:57 Blow Camera Away
04:12 Backpack Transition
04:25 Teleport Transition
04:37 Coin Toss
04:47 Floating Drink
04:48 Freeze Throw
05:05 Hands Free Orbit
05:17 Jump Over
05:28 Floating Leaf
05:45 Center Subject

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