Winners of THETA Dream and Build Developers Contest Announced

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12 winners in 4 categories show off new, powerful, plug-ins that radically customize the camera

A truly worldwide contest, companies and individual developers from countries like Thailand, Malaysia, France, US, Mexico, Romania, and Spain participated. They implemented powerful computer vision technologies like OpenCV and FastCV, artificial intelligence code like Tensorflow, neural networks… and a lot more. They customized THETA to be able to, for example, build an HDR file from multiple exposures (for visual special effects professionals) or take short-term time-lapse videos for construction sites (adding extra hardware for temperature, humidity, dew point) or take in sound commands to control a robot’s movement… and tons more.

Official contest announcement is available on and Hackster

For information on all the winners, see


The “Dream and Build” Plug-in Developer Contest was held Spring 2019 with the goal of taking a RICOH THETA Z1 / THETA V 360 degree camera and customizing it.

The RICOH THETA V is an Android-based camera with an open architecture that allows building your own programs and installing them in the camera to completely customize functionality. Companies in a wide range of industries like Construction, Real Estate, Used Car Sales, Virtual Tours/Tourism and many more have based their products and services on customized THETAs.


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RICOH THETA 360° Camera Application Contest Winners Announced

Innovations in artificial Intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality and computer vision among 12 project awards for RICOH THETA V and RICOH THETA Z1 camera applications

Tokyo, August 8, 2019 — RICOH COMPANY LTD, announced the winners of the Dream and Build contest ( The contest was supported by, the leading independent developer community for RICOH THETA 360 camera applications. More than 220 developers participated in the contest. Judges were comprised of a mix of developer community members and RICOH managers for product development, business development and marketing.

The contest required developers to build applications that run inside the RICOH THETA V or RICOH THETA Z1 cameras. These models contain advanced technology to process media internally, including a full Android based OS inside the camera, 8 core CPU, and hardware acceleration.

The winners are:

Most Innovative

1st place: Kasper Oerlemans “Authydra”

2nd place: Ed Oliver “THETA Magic Filter”

3rd place: Attila Tőkés “AI Assisted 360 Live View”

Most Practical

1st place: EarthCam Inc Developer “VR Site Tour Timelapse”

2nd place: jimmieD “Shutter Volume Control”

3rd place: Marco Herbst “Evercam Open Source Timelapse”

Most Inspiring

1st place: Cheese K “Make Smile Shutter”

2nd place: Vincent Wong “Fast CV Painting”

3rd place: Amine Amri “Voice Activated Trigger”

Judge’s Freestyle

1st place: Imeve “Avatour”

2nd place: Prof. Jaime Andrés Rincón Arango “THETA Robot”

3rd place: Jorge André Hernández González Rubio “Magic Sound BOX”

“Thank you to all the great developers that brought their creativity and innovation to the RICOH THETA developer ecosystem. THETA is already being widely used in markets like construction, real estate, used car sales, virtual training, and much more. This burst of creativity is exciting,” said Takeharu “TK” Tone, product manager for the RICOH THETA and contest judge. “With so many excellent entries in areas like computer vision, AI and ML, it was difficult to pick the winners. I’m so impressed and grateful that the developers were able to use the internal processing power of the RICOH THETA.”

“I encourage developers and entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities to look at the creativity shown by the winners of the Dream and Build Contest,” said Michael Usami, Senior Management at THETA division of Ricoh and contest judge. “The developers were able to build great applications in a short amount of time due to the open architecture of the RICOH THETA, with many open APIs and access to the internal Android based OS.”

For more details on the winners, see:

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