White Day Plot Details Revealed

    Following the announcement of a new PlayStation VR exclusive title, White Day, earlier this week, VRFocus has uncovered new details concerning the videogame’s plot. Currently in development at Roi Games, White Day is a remake of the studio’s 2001 release, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

    The videogame’s protagonist, Yihuimin, was recently transferred to a new school. Upon arrival he meets Hansoyoung and immediately falls for her. During their first encounter Hansoyoung forgets her diary, which Yihuimin reads to discover that 13th March is a very important date.

    On that date, known as ‘White Day’, Yihuimin ventures into the school late at night to meet with Hansoyoung, but he soon discovers the school is not what he expected. Yihuimin becomes trapped within the school and begins to suffer under the power of a supernatural being, revealing an alter ego buried within him.

    As reported previously by VRFocus, the gameplay consists largely of stealth and puzzling solving. No confirmation of a western release for White Day has yet been offered, though VRFocus will keep you updated with any further details revealed.


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