Wanderlust 4K is an Inspirational New Travel Show for Photographers

Photo lovers and travel enthusiasts looking for a new show to provide some inspiration, listen up. Photographers and YouTubers Tony and Chelsea Northrup have just debuted a new web series called Wanderlust 4K, a show dedicated to inspiring the travel photographer in all of us.

Already four episodes deep into the series, Tony and Chelsea have actually been filming this since 2014.

The premise is simple. “We meet up with the world’s best photographers and go to any lengths to get portfolio-worthy pictures,” Tony tells PetaPixel. “We show our process, gear, camera settings, and provide tips along the way.”

So far, they’ve published videos from California, the Alabama hills, and Yosemite, but fans of the first four episodes have a lot to look forward to. Soon-to-be-released adventures include Istanbul, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Machu Piccu, Montana, Paris, Bruges, and more!

Check out the first four episodes in this post (Episode 1 above, episodes 2, 3, and 4 below), and then head over to Tony and Chelsea’s YouTube channel to keep up as they upload more.

Tony & Chelsea have already filmed a lot of episodes for this travel show, but they’re working hard to keep it going. If you’re a skilled photographer and you’re interested in touring the duo around your favorite spots—no matter where in the world you happen to live—you can submit a video audition for Wanderlust 4K by clicking here.

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